Thursday, 18 December 2008

Experimenting with Blogging

Well - here's my first post - just to see where it ends up. A new post, a new thread? Only one way to find out.
As for me and reading, have been soooo slack the last two months - not feeling inclined at all - HOW STRANGE!. But just spent the last four days catching up with some Minervan literature - Diary of a Bad Year - intriguing form -and After Dark - OK, atmospheric, but not my favourite Murakami.

where to now? Maybe Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father which has sat on my bookshelf for months. Or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, set in Sweden. Bill's recommendation. And a bit sad cos' the author died not long after publishing his trilogy, this being the first.
MZ musings


  1. Oh good, Marie, thanks for giving it a go. I have been looking for the Larsson book to give to me aunt - well, I've asked in a couple of places - as I've heard it's very good. I am reading Joan London's The good parents (or is it Good parents??). I really liked her Gilgamesh - it's one of those books that remains in my consciousness even though I can't remember the details of the plot.

    I'm also dipping into Don Watson's American journeys. It's interesting though I have heard that it gets a bit repetitive. I found this comment interesting: “it is not in America’s nature to solve anything unless there is a dollar or soul in it”. His main example for this (at least as far as I've read) is Katrina and he suggests that government has pretty well withdrawn from social issues.


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