Thursday, 18 December 2008

Using this blog

I have been thinking about how we can make this blog useful (if we really get going). Using labels is one way of doing this. So, for example, if we post recommendations, we could use the label "Recommendation". If we review a book, we could use the label "Review". However, these are pretty broad and could get overloaded after a while. Should we just give it a go?

I'm also thinking that it would be good to keep using Facebook for Event org and invitations, and for group photos - and use this more for discussion about books, films and other topics we'd like to talk about?

What say you all (well, what say you Marie since you're the only who's taken up the invitation so far! - I know it's Christmas time and people are busy...)


  1. Halleluliah I have go myself on! Did not know I would have to sign up to Google..Nice blog site Sue. And great reading list team. I can't remember if I have read House of Mirth..will try and get from library,

  2. Well done, Kate. That's three of us here now. We're on a roll. I have read House of mirth, and thought I had a copy but I don't unfortunately. It's quite a long book. We tossed up between it and Hardy's Far from the madding crowd.


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