Thursday, 10 November 2016

Schedule ideas for the first half of 2017

Here are some ideas for 2017. Most of these are in our suggestions list, but I thought it would be interesting to categorise them to help us get an overview of how we might like to plan our reading diversity.

  • CLASSIC: George Gissing's The odd women OR something by Trollope
  • DEBUT NOVEL by MARIE'S TOM'S PARTNER!: Madelaine Dickie's Troppo
  • 2016 PRIME MINISTER'S LITERARY AWARD WINNER: Lisa Gorton's The life of houses
  • 2016 MILES FRANKLIN WINNER: AS Patrić's Black rock white city
  • NOVEL REFLECTING DIVERSITY: Rabih Alameddine's An unnecessary woman (see Wikipedia, though I believe that the theme is more about older women than Wiki's description) OR an indigenous Australian writer
  • MEMOIR: Barbara Blackman's All my Januaries or Magda Szubanski's Reckoning or Kim Mahood's Position doubtful

Just putting ideas together folks to get the thought processes going...