Thursday, 25 December 2008

me too

story of my life - me too - being younger sister. Anyway, here it is Christmas morning, and I'm checking emails. Tragic. But we did our major event last night which is when whole family coincided in Sydney. And so I've done my labour in the kitchen, until tomorrow when there's more hoo hah.
Just about finished Eat pray love - and am enjoying it immensely. Next in the light summer read is the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Anyone read it?
Happy Christmas everyone...stuff yourselves, don't feel guilty, we're all so lucky. xxx

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Sue T said...

Welcome Janet to our blog! Our major event is over and it went pretty well. It is always exhausting on the morning and somehow getting everything to co-ordinate at the last minute doesn't seem to get easier no matter how often we do it. However, we did it and it all went well I think. We sat outside - it was on the warm side of comfortable but so much nicer than being inside on a nice sunny day.

It has been a real treat having Rie here. She has got right into it and is coping well with the extended family. We had our traditional night out (paid for Dad last night), the big lunch here today, and it appears she is happy to join in the annual Boxing Day picnic again tomorrow. She gave us a treat by making traditional green tea for us after lunch - using matcha green tea powder and a dear little bamboo whisk.

Anyhow, onto books. I received two books, Nam Le's The boat (from Hannah) and a book by Kawabata (from my American friend). I've read one of his and look forward to this. I suggested the kids give my aunt the Guernsey book. I did read it earlier this year - it's not great literature but is a really delightful read I think, with an interesting bit of history added in. I'm sure you'll enjoy it - it's perfect for a lazy summer's day.

Must go...enjoy the holiday period everyone. As Janet says, we sure are lucky! xxx