Monday, 2 March 2009

Obama - a must read

Hi all
Our coast bookclub, Broulee & Beyond, just discussed Barack Obama's Dreams from my Father. I was so reluctant to even begin thinking that it would be schmaltzy. How wrong I was. One of the best reads ever. And we all agreed - even the toughest and most difficult to please amongst us.
It was written in 1994 (or '95) before he even entered mainstream politics, although I count his years as a grass roots organiser in Chicago as politics of the most basic sort. There's a wonderful preface to the second edition which came out in 2001 or so, but all long before any hint of presidency.
So much to discuss.
I highly recommend this book to you all.


  1. Thanks Marie for this. I go to Borders and see an array of books about him and wonder which, if any, are worth reading. I'm glad to have a recommendation for one now.

    In Paperchain today I saw Geoffrey Robertson's Statute of Liberty about Australia's lack of a bill of rights or similar legal protection for human rights. It looks really interesting too. Perhaps it's time Minerva did a non-fiction or two again!

  2. Pleased to hear you enjoyed the Obama book Marie. It is the one constantly recommended for getting a handle on the man.
    Am interested to hear if anyone has read the book on Michelle Obama. I hear it is fascinating to follow her path through life this far. Not sure of it's literay merit.

  3. Deb! You've commented! If you'd like to write your own posts telling us of books you've read/heard of, let me know and I'll set you up as an author. Hmmm...I'll do that anyhow. It would be great if you made quick (or long, we don't mind) posts about the current buzz/your current enthusiasm etc.


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