Thursday, 3 May 2012

Text Australian Classics

This month, Text Publishing has published a collection of 30 Australian classics.

You can check them out by clicking this link. The collection is the brainchild of Text's Pubisher, Michael Heyward, who has said, among other things, that
... it takes just a generation or two, sometimes less, for us to lose the plot . We put our books and writers on the high shelf of the past, where we forget about them. Imagine if our art galleries decided to banish the works of Brett Whiteley or Fred Williams to their darkened basements for a decade or two. That’s what we routinely do to so many significant writers whose books are out of print.
Hmmm ... hadn't thought of it this way, but he has a point.

Anyhow, these new editions all have new introductions, lovely bright yellow coloured covers, and are all on sale for, I think, $12.95 each. A steal, really! The National Library Bookshop has them - and hopefully other shops around town too.

You know where this is leading ... I'm thinking we might like to choose one or two for our second half of 2012 schedule, that we will be deciding at our May meeting.

So, have a look at the link above and see if any grab your attention ... and let us know what you think.


  1. They look terrific Sue, and all available as Ebooks. I would love to read A Difficult Young Man, and The Women in Black sounds intriguing as well. There's a Study Guide to go with the latter at least.
    I would also like to recommend Cold Light by Frank Moorhouse as one of the Miles Franklin shortlisted books, set in Canberra, and is quite readable. It is long, so may be better for January 2013.

  2. Thanks Kate. Those two you suggest are the ones I've read most recently (well, in the last couple o years) and are both worth a read ... A difficult young man is a good introduction to Martin Boyd I think (though it's the only one of his I've read!). The women in black is pretty light reading, but is a good read. I think. I think Bruce Beresford has bought the rights to it, but I'm not sure it's ever been made.

    I second Cold light, perhaps as a next Summer read too.


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